About us:

Tradeware AG is an owner-operated company and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020. Our values and principles are:


We regard every customer relationship as a long-term partnership. We know the needs and views of our customers and specifically address them.


We always communicate respectfully and kindly. This includes an authentic and warm appearance. We express our gratitude to the customer for his trust.


We gain trust by expressing our competence and always acting in the spirit of the best solution. We understand every step we take as an element on the common path to achieving a win-win situation in an efficient manner.

About our offering:

Tradeware AG is offering highly efficient and cost-optimized Oracle database platforms from different hardware vendors. For many years we have been operating its own Benchmark Competence Centre with engineered, converged and optimized database platforms.

Which architecture is the right solution for our customers? Together we develop the optimal Oracle platform for your needs. All solutions will be benchmarked, optimized and certified with independent benchmark software from peakmarks®.

Our system engineers and consultants are certified for many vendors’ technologies and have a deep know-how.

About our key competences:

We support our customers in all phases of an evaluation, replacement or migration project.

Our key competences are:

  • Analyse, Design/Engineering and Architect new Oracle Platforms
  • Specialised in Oracle Engineered Systems (Exadata, ZDLRA, ODA, PCA, etc.)
  • Exadata Engineered Systems Installation, Implementation, Integration and Configuration
  • Database Platform Integration in existing Environment
  • Oracle Infrastructure and Database Patching
  • Database Migration
  • Design and Architect the refresh/modernization and growth of the Engineered Systems Environment
  • IT-Performance management
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