About us:

Trivadis is an IT service provider with 15 workspaces in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Romania.

We accompany and support our clients through the digital transformation process. Working with them, we refine business models to boost competitiveness. Fair working relationships, extensive experience in transformation, a curious nature and a strong team are what makes us who we are. We are 726 doers with a shared mindset: Making a world possible in which intelligent IT facilitates life and work as a matter of course.
Together for a smarter life.

About our offering:

Since the beginning of March 2020, you can attend all Trivadis training courses live in a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home office – on your own or as a team. Your options and benefits are the same as for on-site trainings:

  • Interaction with the trainers and other participants via audio, video and chat
  • See the coach, the presentation and the demos
  • Access the labs of the course via hyperlink
  • Get support from the trainers on your own PC, just like in a physical training room.

Check out all current trainings here

Managed Oracle Database Service (DBaaS)
Want to access strong database services conveniently from the Swisscom Cloud with just a mouse click? Now it’s possible, thanks to the Managed Oracle Database Service from Trivadis and Swisscom, which enables you to use Oracle databases from the secure Swisscom Cloud. Data storage, delivery and support, all based in Switzerland.

Fast, automated database retrieval enables you to use database services within just a few minutes. You can flexibly adjust performance and storage resources at any time. Resources can be flexibly adapted. You only pay for what you allocate. With pluggable DB (PDB) and logically separate DB, consolidation on the same servers saves you money.

Especially for performance-intensive, business and security critical applications, the service offers the ideal platform.  The Managed Oracle Database Service is compatible with other cloud services, but can also be used as a hybrid with an OnPremises installation.Get more detailed information about Managed Oracle Database Service on our webside.

Our Whitepaper sets out three use cases explaining the advantages of the Managed Oracle Database Service and precisely why this solution is particularly worthwhile: download our whitepaper.

Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB)
Usually, automatic backup functions in databases back up data every day at the same time when data traffic is the lowest. While that sounds like a logical approach, it is associated with a lot of drawbacks. Trivadis Intelligent Backup (TIB) addresses this problem by retaining an overview of your data highway and deciding when backups are necessary, based on policies and situation assessments. If an unusually high volume of data or error messages are received, the backup intervals are automatically adapted to proactively counteract potential failures – and not just on the affected servers. TIB reduces your backup loads and the time requirement to implement backups. It continuously adapts your specifications to the current situation – and it automatically identifies and backs up new databases.


Check out the video for a quick insight into TiB and find more information here.

Our Blog Posts:
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