Sponsorship program

Why YOU should be a SOUG Sponsor?

  • Reach your target group and use our network of more than 400 members, partners and ORACLE ACEs!
  • Present YOURSELF to our members as an innovative company and attractive employer!
  • Increase your brand awareness through your branding on our channels!
  • Profile yourself with expert lectures at our events!
  • Find new talents and ideas to increase your enterprise portfolio!

Sponsoring options:

Platinum Sponsor
  • Named as platinum sponsor at all 3 SOUG Days incl. exhibition space at the event (1 table)
  • Company logo as platinum sponsor on the SOUG website
  • Company logo as a platinum sponsor in all SOUG mail newsletters
  • Company membership at SOUG with an unlimited number of employees
  • Right to an individual newsletter per year for all SOUG members
  • A quarterly newsletter sent to all SOUG members applies to sponsor training and events.
  • Possibility of a training offer to our key partners
  • The number of platinum sponsors is limited to 5 sponsors!
Gold Sponsor
  • Named gold sponsor on all 3 SOUG Days
  • Company logo as a gold sponsor on the SOUG website
  • Company logo as gold sponsor in all SOUG mail newsletters
  • Annual membership at SOUG for up to 5 employees
  • Event sponsorship for CHF 2,000 instead of CHF 3,500
  • Gold sponsoring is only possible for IT providers with up to 50 employees
Event Sponsor
  • Named as event sponsor at the corresponding SOUG event
  • Named as event sponsor for all communication related to the event
  • Exhibition space at the event (1 table)
  • No limit in number or brand
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