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About us:

Quest is a global provider to 130,000 companies across 100 countries, including 95% of the Fortune 500 and 90% of the Global 1000. Quest provides software solutions for the rapidly-changing world of enterprise IT.  We help simplify the challenges caused by data explosion, cloud expansion, hybrid datacenters, security threats and regulatory requirements.  Our portfolio includes solutions for database management, data protection, unified endpoint management, identity and access management and Microsoft platform management.

About our offering:

Since 1987, we’ve built a portfolio of database management software tools that help you manage, monitor and move your data across on-premises and cloud environments as well as multiple database platforms.
We provide solutions for today’s pressing database challenges, including cloud migration and management, DevOps CI/CD, compliance for sensitive data, diversity of platform types and support for a remote workforce. Quest products such as Toad®, Foglight®, Spotlight® and SharePlex® are mainstays for database professionals charged with administration, development, performance monitoring and data replication.

About our customer cases:

Whether our customers are looking for a solution for development, administration, migration, replication for high availability, or performance monitoring for their database environment, Quest supports you and your needs with a customized solution.

How Foglight enabled the less-technical cloud services team to gain visibility into performance issues, improve database responsiveness and provide a better customer experience with the logistics system:

Database developers rely on Toad for easy unit testing and code analysis to meet quality control standards:

DBAs at Envision Healthcare manage 3,000 databases for 1,800 ERs and clinics that receive 25 million patient visits a year – relying on Foglight for Cross-Platform Databases:

A leading culture-building company is calling SharePlex® “easy to use, fast, reliable and affordable.” In just one day, the company had SharePlex up and running:

About our key competences:

Database Management Solutions – Software tools that simplify complexity, reduce cost and risk, and drive performance

Database Administration – Streamlined database administration, testing, monitoring and data movement

Cloud Migration – Fast, simple, reliable database cloud migration with no downtime or data loss

Data Preparation and Provisioning – Self-service data preparation, streamlined reporting and easy provisioning

Database Development – Shorten your development cycles without compromise

Database DevOps Solutions – Accelerate application deployment

Database Performance Monitoring – Easy-to-use database performance monitoring tools

Replication – Oracle Database Replication Software – Achieve Oracle to Oracle database high availability – on-premises and in the cloud

& how we structure our business – an interview:

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Our Blog Posts:

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