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SOUG Espresso 2023

30. November 2023 um 9:45 - 10:15

Securing Your Applications With Automated Security Patches in OCI

Presented by Martijn Dwars (EN)


Open-source software has many benefits: it lowers the starting costs, reduces the time-to-market, and allows businesses to iterate faster. However, adopting open-source software carries the risk of introducing vulnerabilities to your application. Recent incidents, like the infection of the SolarWinds Orion platform, demonstrate that open-source software is actively being used as an attack vector.

In this talk we present Application Dependency Management (ADM), a new OCI cloud service that helps application developers protect against known vulnerabilities by 1. providing developers access to a curated dataset of artifacts and vulnerabilities, 2. providing tools to easily identify which vulnerabilities affect some project, and 3. to automatically suggest upgrades to remediate such vulnerabilities.


About the Speaker

Martijn Dwars is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Labs. He obtained is MSc from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) where he graduated on programming languages & compilers. Since joining Oracle in 2017 he has worked on a domain specific language for writing graph algorithms and self-optimizing libraries. More recently, his focus is on building highly available and fault-tolerant cloud services, such as the Application Dependency Management service and the Graal Cloud Service.


30. November 2023
9:45 - 10:15