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About us:

dbi services designs, develops and operates cutting-edge middleware infrastructures to allow its customers to focus on their core business. With experts in Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, Cloud and ECM technologies, the company is ideally equipped to offer tailor-made and efficient services.
dbi services is based in Delémont, Basel, Bern, Nyon and Zurich, and employs 80 associates whose knowledge and skills are constantly progressing owing particularly to continuous training. With operations in Switzerland, but also in Europe, dbi services enjoys the trust of more than 300 companies – SMEs and multinationals – operating in various sectors.
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About our offering:

  • Consulting: Concepts & studies, high availability, data security, performance, architecture
  • SLA: Databases and middleware (7x24h)
  • Knowledge transfer: Workshops, training courses, coaching, experience sharing, exercises
  • Strategic license management: License audits and consultancy

Discover our comprehensive range of products and services here: https://www.dbi-services.com/offering/

About our customer cases / key competences:

Customer Overview

Our Blog Posts: https://blog.dbi-services.com/

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