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11. septembre 2018 @ 17:30 - 20:00Gratuit

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Le 11 septembre 2018, le Swiss Oracle User Group (SOUG) Romand organise un Meetup avec l’expert Bertrand Drouvot (membre de la  « Oaktable »).

Cet évènement aura lieu à de Genève de 17h30 à 20h00.

Les sessions seront certainement tenues en français, mais selon l’auditoire elles pourraient également être proposées en anglais. Mr Drouvot est francophone et pourra s’entretenir avec les participants en français.

À propos de Mr Drouvot

Bertrand has been an Oracle DBA since 1999, mainly for financial or public sectors, and currently works for DIGORA (a french oracle platinum partner specialised in Data management). He has experience working in very large and very critical environments, now focusing on databases, cloud and automation. He is an Oracle Exadata Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Administrator Certified Expert, and Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional. He is an OakTable Member, has been active in the Oracle community since 2012 through his blog: and is a regular speaker in Europe conferences (Ukoug, Doag, Paris..).




Nowadays the IT world is full of automation, open sources software. In this  session, I will show how some of those tools can be helpful and used by an Oracle DBA. This session will focus on the main stages of the life of our lovely database: Installation, creation, performance monitoring, alerting.

The session will cover the following (with live demo):

1) Oracle Software installation with automation tool (Ansible).
2) Oracle Database creation with automation tool (Ansible).
3) Collect performance metrics with telegraf and influxdb.
4) Visualize performance metrics with grafana.
5) Collect logs (alert.log, listener.log) with logstash and elasticsearch.
6) Visualize logs content with Kibana.
7) Send alert based on customized metrics with Kapacitor.

Attendees will see how:
– Easy to learn
– Flexible
– Customisable
– Helpful
those tools are.

As all this information is centralized, this is a perfect starting point to better know our Infrastructure.


Nowadays, it is common to find multiple databases on a server. In order to manage CPU resources, you can limit the CPU usage of a database, and/or reserve CPUs for one or more databases.

This session shows and compares two resource management options integrated into the Oracle database:
– Instance Caging
– processor_group_name

For each of them, the session focuses on:

Facts: Describing the features and a quick overview on how to implement them.
Observations: Logical IO performance, memory distribution across NUMA nodes, etc…
OEM and AWR views with CPU pressure.

Real life customer cases: One database uses too much CPU and affects other instances’ performance, guarantee CPU resource for some databases at the database level, guarantee CPU resource for one group (or more) of databases.

You’ll also learn in this session how you could make efficient usage of large machines: That is to say mix on the same machine customers that pay for guaranteed CPU resources and customers that don’t pay for.


Gratuit pour les membres du SOUG
CHF 30.- pour les non-membres.

Inscrivez-vous rapidement, les places sont limitées !

  • Date : 11. septembre 2018
  • Heure: 17:30 - 20:00
  • Catégorie d’Évènement:
  • Swiss Oracle User Group
  • Téléphone :
    +41 (0)61 367 93 30
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