SOUG Day im Juni mit 24 Vorträgen

  • 2. May 2018
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Im einzigartigen Ambiente des Trafo in Baden, dem Treffpunkt für Visionäre und Pioniere, wird es am 14. Juni einen ganzen Tag um aktuelle Oracle-Themen gehen. Auf der Agenda stehen tolle Highlights wie die KeynoteCombining Datastores and Programming Language Virtual Machines” von Thomas Wuerthinger, Senior Research Director at Oracle Labs und viel mehr!

Keynote: Combining Datastores and Programming Language Virtual Machines

High-performance language runtimes often execute isolated from datastores. Encoding logic in the form of stored procedures requires relying on different execution engines and sometimes even different languages. Our vision of the future of execution runtimes is Graal: an integrated, polyglot, high-performance execution environment that can not only run stand-alone but also efficiently embedded in other systems. It supports shared tooling independent of the specific language and specific embedding. We designed the Graal runtime with complete separation of logical and physical data layout in mind. This allows direct access to custom data formats without marshalling overheads. Graal supports dynamic languages such as  JavaScript, Ruby, Python and R. Additionally, even lower level languages such as C, C++, Go, and Rust are integrated into the ecosystem via LLVM bitcode and can execute in a sandboxed and secure manner. We believe this language-level virtualisation will provide major benefits for system performance and developer productivity.

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